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Heather I would like to wish you and your husband a wonderful New Year ! Our beautiful Cosmo is now 9 months old and a beautiful healthy bouncing boy. I have never owned a standard poodle before. He's wonderful ! He has brought so much joy into my life . I never thought about getting a party poodle but so very glad I did . He's stunning . Good luck with your new litter. Carley & Mo  
Thank you Heather ! You have been wonderful helping me with our new addition to our family - GIGi She is adorable, extremely intelligent! A little smarty pants she is . She loves agility and is very good at it . GiGi now plays fetch with a ball ( trying to keep up with her two big brothers, German Shepherds ) Definitely loves playing with other dogs and she also loves my grandchildren ! We are so happy with GiGi !!!  
I highly recommend Our Treasured Standard Poodles ! Heather is well informed and knowledgeable about poodles and generously shares . She spends lots of quality time with her litters so when they go to their forever home the puppies are well balanced. Heather and Clint spend an invaluable amount of time training and teaching the puppies . You won't be disappointed with this breeder ! I will purchase my next poodle from Our Treasured Standard Poodle  
Melody & ED
We got Carmen from Heather a year and a half ago. She was so helpful and let us hang out for a long time to pick out just the right puppy. She came almost completely house trained and knew how to use a doggy door. She joined Woody and Gracie at our home who are 4 years and 3 years border collie standard poodle mixes. They bonded immediately and play together so well. They have access to over an acre, part of which is fenced with the other half invisible fenced. Due to a gate we can let them access all or just the fenced when we are gone. She adapted immediately and needed next to no extra training. When called she runs to us. My husband has trained all three dogs to catch or fetch a ball or frisbee and return it without fail. They have to wait inside until their turn and she has adapted and loves the game. Along with the other dogs she patiently waits her turn and knows the order. She excelled at obedience and is ready to start advanced rally with Coeur d'Alene Dog Fanciers. She loves her classes and picks up cues right away. We have not done off leash at class but she does at home beautifully. She is extremely affectionate, follows commands, loves other people and dogs. Thank you, Heather, for a fabulous companion. You will not find a better breeder anywhere. Her love and devotion to raising puppies is second to none and I highly recommend OurTreasured Standard Poodles!!
Hi heather! Just want to give you a quick update on Daisy and let you know that she is so spoiled and happy. She is doing great, just finished puppy preschool last week. She is so smart, social and loving. 
Thank you Treasured Standard Poodles for T-Rex! He has been an awesome addition to our family and has done wonderfully with my 1,4, and 6 year old.
The Mitzels
We adopted two puppies from Heather February,2017, a male Razor and a female Piper. We originally planned on getting one puppy, but when we went to pick up Piper, my husband, who usually only likes German Shepards, saw Razor, and we came home with two adorable puppies. They are wonderful additions to our family. They are very intelligent, healthy, and obedient dogs. They learned quickly the ropes of our house and bring us so much joy and companionship. They love going for walks and camping with us. Heather has been very helpful with suggestions and any questions we have. We not only gained two wonderful additions to our family but also a wonderful friendship with Heather and Clint. 
Thank you both so much,
Melinda and Dann
Our Eva (Evenstar, Hope of Zeus) is certainly a treasured member of our family! We are dog people but have never had the joy of knowing a poodle until Miss Eva. Heather has provided outstanding ongoing support (our girl is just over 2 years old now) from the first message I sent asking about a puppy. I love that her poodles are family dogs, and she sets her puppies up for success transitioning to their own families. From complete health testing and socialization, to incredibly helpful puppy packs, to cheerfully answering questions, Heather works so hard to help her puppies and their families enjoy their relationships for a lifetime. I really appreciate the additional work Heather is doing now by applying the Puppy Culture protocol with each litter, so every lovely poodle is confident in new situations and ready to join their family in the world!

Personally, Eva has challenged me to become a better teacher and leader. She takes it upon herself to be sure I laugh every day, and I need that for my mental health. She is energetic, smart, and playful. She's also a fast and thoughtful learner, and loves to train and work. We have completed her AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC), UKC Socialized Pet Obedience Test (SPOT), and are working on foundation behaviors for a variety of dog sports and activities, such as Rally, Obedience, Agility, Parkour, Nosework, Fenzi TEAM titles, therapy work, etc. Everywhere we go we are complimented on how lovely she is! Eva is really a dog who likes to keep busy and loves interacting with the world and meeting new friends, but she can also cuddle up and help me rest when I need it. I am so grateful Eva is a part of our family. She is not always an easy dog, but she is truly a joy!
Hi Heather hope this note finds you well. Today is Pepper's 3rd birthday and she is doing well. I think when she was born you put a white ribbon on her and her name may have been Diamond . She has started to grow quite a few gray hairs all over her body so she is starting to look a little less black and more gray. She's had a great summer so far and got to see the ocean on a big RV trip to Oregon. She loved it. She's a very happy girl and loves everyone that she meets and is very affectionate. She's been a wonderful addition to our family.

Shelley L

Our boy, Hercules, is 10 months old now. He is a fantastic, fun, cheerful and super easy puppy. He is great with everyone he meets of any species. He is confident, learns quickly, and is always happy and playful. He is the easiest puppy I've ever owned. When we want to go out, he goes out and can play for hours. When we stay in, he quietly hangs out with us. He actually never woke us up at night to go out, even when we first brought him home. He just waits patiently and quietly in the room with us until we are ready to get up. I am truly shocked at how adaptable he is to any situation. He is happy every where, he figures out what his role is and happily adapts. He isn't scared by loud noises or sudden movements .. he isn't jumpy or nervous at all ever. When a dog at the park is aggressive with him, he isn't fearful or aggressive back, he simply happily bounds over to find someone else to play with. His confidence and comfort in any situation makes him very easy to have around. Oh and did I mention how incredibly beautiful he is?! Heather did a wonderful job of socializing these pups and exposing them to the world to help with their confidence. Heather also did a wonderful job of matching us with Hercules. She is always willing to answer questions and provide helpful information. I highly recommend her puppies to everyone!
First, let me say I spent three years looking for this dog. I got my little Abbie (Sterling) Willow and Philip puppies, on my birthday. She is the best puppy ever, she walks well on a leash and follows guidance easily. I was specifically looking for temperament, boy did I win the jackpot in the department. I'm glad I didn't just get any puppy and did my homework. Abbie's is in puppy training, with her sister Phoebe (Bluebell), the trainer came up to us and knew the breeder was good. She was right Heather spent so much time with these puppies, they came almost potty trained. She loves her dogs and it shows in her puppies. I have never been so happy with a dog. Abbie Is the most loving sweet happy and super smart puppy. I would recommend her this breeder to every body, if you want an awesome dog....
On April 22nd 2018 my life changed forever. We met our new baby! The next 4 weeks were torture, waiting to finally pick up our puppy, but Heather managed to make it easy on us. She kept us smiling with pictures and progress updates. We finally brought Kaya home on Mother's Day weekend; making us a family of 4 (we have a 10 year old standard). Kaya an amazing pup-pup and I attribute much of that to her wonderful start in life at Treasured Standard Poodles. I tell people how wonderful she is, and how very special this dog breed is, always adding that Kaya's breeder is the ONLY place I would recommend getting a Standard from. From day 1, Kaya has been a champ at traveling. We were on the road 8 hours that first day and two weeks later took a 5 day trip to Montana. It's funny how you make life choices based on your pup-pups; we bought a new/different style travel trailer with bunks - more comfortable space for them! In her short 11 months she has been on numerous camping trips, road trips, and even a 10 day hunting trip.. I couldn't have asked for a more accommodating pup. Thank you Heather (and Clint) from the bottom of our hearts; we can't imagine our lives without our baby!
Axel is now 5 months old and is the smartest, sweetest boy. He's also very handsome! All of Clint and Heather's poodles are just gorgeous! Heather goes above and beyond any breeder I've heard of in her testing and training of the puppies before they go to their new homes. I went to visit the puppies almost every week (at Heather's encouragement) so with Heather's input I could choose the perfect puppy for my lifestyle and personality. When I got Axel home he settled right in with my 15 1/2 year old mini schnauzer and me in his new home. (It helped that he already knew me.) They play until they both drop. As an added bonus, Axel was nearly completely potty trained and was using the dog door by the next day. Heather's puppies are well adjusted and easily trained thanks to all the attention she gives them. The groomer thinks he is so easy to work with, again thanks to Heather keeping the little guys clean and trimmed. Axel is in his third week of puppy obedience class and is a star pupil. Everyday is a joy with this boy!
I can't thank you enough Heather for the great job you do and for helping heal my broken heart. Hopefully it will be many years before I need another puppy and I hope you are still raising your wonderful poodles.
Available Puppies
It's been almost 3 years ago that Heather chose us to have Roxy join our family as a sweet puppy. She's beautiful, sweet, smart, playful and elegant.
Heather was great and let us stop by and hang out with the puppies as long as we wanted so we could choose the right puppy for us. When we brought her home, her health records were current and complete, she was used to being groomed, and while Heather didn't guaranty she was potty trained I believe Roxy figured it out within a couple of days, so she was pretty close to it! She is affectionate but not needy and loves the outdoors and our camping and walking adventures, yet totally loves to snuggle on the couch and binge Netflix too (okay, she naps!).
We're so grateful to the love and attention Heather puts into her sweet poodles and puppies and for sharing Roxy with us!