Our Treasured Standard Poodles
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Vegas is owned by Jen Frost in Meridian Idaho and came to her from a wonderful breeder in Las Vegas.  Vegas and Bella produced our first Parti litter this winter.  They are beautiful and bright puppies. We are fortunate to have a good example of the puppies he throws with our female Athena and are so excited he is part of our extended family.  He is 26" and 65 lbs.

Vegas's health testing is almost complete. Genetic Testing is clear, heart normal, PennHip (DI = 0.40)=OFA Excellent

Merlin came to us from Hawk Valley Standard Poodles in Montana.  He is so very handsome as you can see and so sweet. He is 26" and 60 lbs and has a solid heavy bone structure.  He is clearing to silver and cream, and has phantom on both sides for two generations. His body says all boy his personality says all baby. He is the most loving dog.  Our favorite time is in the morning he dives up on my bed and spoons with me.  It's the best alarm clock ever.  We are very happy with our new stud at Treasured Standard Poodles and loved his first litter of puppies.  

Merlin's health testing is almost complete. Genetic Testing is clear, eyes normal, PennHip (DI = 0.46)=OFA Good
"Our Treasured "Merlin" of Hawk Valley
Out Side Stud's
High Rollin in "Vegas" Baby
Rambo is a very handsome boy with looks and personality of his father Zeus.  He is a very sweet and easy going. He is one of my puppies out of Zeus and Bella and even as a puppy you could see he was going to be just like his daddy.  He has grown into a great looking stud at 25" and 60 lbs.  

His health testing is cleared by parentage. 
El Rambo