Our Treasured Standard Poodles
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With every personality there is a breed to match it. But there are very few breeds that can match most personalities. In my humble opinion the Standard Poodle is one of those breeds.
​Poodles are so much more than decoration  
The Poodle was originally from Germany, but later became the national dog of France, where they were commonly used as retrievers and where known as a Caniche or "duck dog". The word "poodle" comes from the German name pudel or pudelin, meaning to splash in the water. The standard poodle is known for their intelligence, ability to train, regal appearance, and temperament. They excel at obedience, agility, tricks, hunting and even herding. The "poodle cut" is not merrily for show but to protect the joints while swimming in cold waters. The Standard, with their greater size and strength, is the best athlete of the poodle family. They are great runners and swimmers and like plenty of activity. They are hypo-allergenic and will need monthly grooming due to having hair that doesn't shed like breeds with fur. They are generally very healthy and robust breed and a great family dog. They tend be more than a one person dog and are playful, friendly, and loving.

So many colors to pick from
The breed comes in three size varieties and can be a variety of colors. Although the "Parti" coloring was the original coloring of the poodle the solid colors are what the AKC accepts for showing in conformation. You can show the parti in other classes such as agility and obedience as well as in the UKC. The Parti colors have become very popular again but are still somewhat rare to find. Solid colors can carry the parti recessive gene which can give you abstract, ticking, tuxedo, phantom, and brindle. Unless you are showing or breeding the color really is just what you prefer. 
Why A Standard Poodle